Product: Yoder's Canned Beef Chunks

Yoder's Canned Beef Chunks

Almost 2 Pounds of U.S. raised and commercially canned beef per can, fully cooked and ready to eat. (21 Pounds of beef TOTAL)


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Yoder's Canned Beef Chunks

These canned beef chunks are non-perishable. They do not require refrigeration and are ideal for camping, travel, and long-term food storage. This product may be stored for 10 years or more in their airtight sealed cans.

These beef chunks are produced exclusively from US farm raised, USDA inspected choice cuts of meat and are commercially canned in the United States under the strictest quality standards for optimal taste, quality and safety.

Description and Benefits

    - 28oz. cans
    - Convenient
    - Fully Cooked
    - Low fat content
    - 10+ Year non-refrigerated shelf life.

    100% US Raised and US Canned.
Also available: Canned Pork, Hamburger, Pork Sausage, Chicken and Turkey
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