Product: Red Feather Brand Canned Butter

Red Feather Brand Canned Butter

Gourmet butter in a can with an indefinite shelf life. Tastes great! BACK IN STOCK !!!!

20 lbs

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This is smooth, creamy, high-quality, storable butter. This butter is not only lower in Saturated Fat than the average American butter, but it also has almost 1/3rd less Sodium as well.

Ingrediants; Pasteurized Cream and Salt. No preservatives, food colorings or chemicals of any kind, just naturally made wholesome butter.

List of nutritional info compared to the American butter that we are all used to today;
Serving Size;                   1 Tbsp (14g)
Servings per container:    24
Calories;                      100
Calories from fat           100

                                       % Daily Value

Total fat;                   11g           17%
Saturated fat;            8g           40%
Cholesterol;              30mg          9%
Sodium;                   65mg          3%
Total Carbohydrates;   0g            0%
Protein;                     0g            0%
Vitamin A                                  8%

Each can contains 12 oz of butter.(compares to three traditional sticks of butter)
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