Product: Canned Spices

Canned Spices

Twelve different fresh, ready-to-use spices. 12 cans per case, packed with oxygen absorbers and desiccant packs to ensure that these stay moisture and oxygen free.


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Canned Spices U.S. Spices, 100%, packed in the U.S. under strict food quality regulations. With the rising cost of food ingredients and spices these days, this will make a great addition to your food storage program, and an excellent hedge against future price increases.Twelve (12) Different Spices - packed by volume, so each can is full of fresh, ready-to-use spice. Just open and use. Each case comes with one can of the following;
  • Oregano                                  4.15 oz
  • Chili Powder                            7.1 oz
  • BBQ Spice                               10.35 oz
  • Onion Powder                          7.55 oz
  • Taco Seasoning                        8.35 oz
  • Salt, Iodized                            15.25 oz
  • Sage, ground                           4.8 oz
  • Rosemary, ground                    3.75 oz
  • Black Pepper, medium grind      6.7 oz
  • Garlic Powder                          8.35 oz
  • Seasoning Salt                         13.9 oz
  • Basil, Ground                           6.25 oz

Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed with oxygen absorbers and food-grade desiccant, this will last as long as the seal on the can remains intact.
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