Product: Red Feather Brand Canned Cheese

Red Feather Brand Canned Cheese

Gourmet real cheese in a can with an indefinite shelf life. Tastes great!


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Red Feather Brand Canned Cheese

Red Feather canned cheese is the real thing. Each can contains almost 8 ounces of real Cheese

The best way to serve the great cheese is to open both ends of the can and then push out the 3 1/4" x 1 3/4" mini-wheel of cheese.

You will find that -
     It doesn’t sag,
     It doesn't quiver and
     It doesn't run
     It is solid cheese!

This is real cheese that can be grated like any other cheese. It melts, it can be sliced into thin slices for sandwiches, pizzas, lasagna or meat loaf, and it behaves just like any other deli-bought cheese. It’s great for grilled cheese sandwiches, fantastic omelets or just by the slice. 

The manufacturer is confident that it will last "indefinitely" while it is in the can. Since it's in a sterile environment, air can't circulate so germs can't get to it.

Just keep it as cool as you can (protect from freezing). And once it's opened, it's then best to refrigerate any leftovers, though it will most likely last a few more days in a zipper-locking baggie or tinfoil, without refrigeration.
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