Product: Blue FEMA roofing Tarps

Blue FEMA roofing Tarps

FEMA Blue Self-Help Tarp to be used for small areas of roof damage Size - 20’ x 25’, Woven polyethylene, Thickness: 5-6 mil. UV Resistance, FR Tested, Hems folded, corners reinforced, grommets on corners and edges.

12 lbs

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Blue FEMA Roofing Tarps

  • Self-Help Tarp to be used for small areas of roof damage
  • Size - 20’ x 25’
  • Woven polyethylene 8 x 8, 800 denier
  • Thickness: 5-6 mil. 
  • UV Resistance - 80% after 200 hr per ASTM D7238-06
  • FR Tested - IAW Class A ASTM E84-11 Standard
  • Non-corrosive grommets at corners and minimum of 3’ on center on edges
  • Hems folded over
  • Corners reinforced
  • Color - Medium blue
  • Each Tarp is packaged in a cardboard box with two (2) 100’ lengths of 550 pound test parachute cord.
  • Each package is clearly marked with a label indicating the size and number of tarps.
  • Each tarp package with the two parachute cords weighs 12 lbs.

Boxes are palletized in standard commercial casing which shall be shipped on industry standard size pallets. Shrink wrap shall be fully over all sides (excluding the top and bottom) with a minimum of (10) layers of shrink-wrap to ensure the capability to double stack pallets without comprising the sturdiness of load. The finished product will be placed onto a 48 inch by 40 inch 4 way wooden pallet. The over-all height of the pallet will not exceed 55 inches.

  • 70 units per pallet. Can be double stacked. 
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