Product: MreSTAR Brand MRE's

MreSTAR Brand MRE's

Military spec mre's manufactured by MreStar. A large supplier to the military for emergency rations. 12 complete meals in each case with 2 of each of the 6 different meals.

19 lbs.

Share This Item Socially  Selects MreStar  as their Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s), a growing company in the Disaster Preparedness Products, MRE’s, and other shelf stable foods market, announced that it has decided to stock MreStar  Meals Ready to Eat, manufactured by MreStar, Inc.,  for sale into the U.S. Market.

 MreStar is a large supplier of individual and group feeding rations to the U.S. and international militaries.  They also provide global humanitarian and disaster relief rations for governments and non-governmental organizations. Wornick is a technological leader in making the best tasting, ready-to-eat shelf stable food that has a long useable shelf life at ambient conditions in flexible, non-canned packaging.  In addition to their state of the art production capabilities, MreStar resources are dedicated to new product and service development, supplier base and logistics management and the integration of nutrition with other products and services to enable people to subsist in very austere environments.

MRESTAR   - 100% U.S. manufactured

MRESTAR    is a shelf-stable emergency meal solution that tastes great.


MRESTAR    builds on years of proven solutions for feeding people in emergency situations and in remote locations.


MRESTAR    Emergency Meal Kits were designed specifically for emergency situations and offer:

      Self-Heating  -  Heat your entrée in a Self-Heating Unit.  It is easy to use and your meal will be hot and ready-to-eat in only a few minutes.

Portability     -  You can take them with you if you are on the move, or even leave in several locations, such as your home and office.

 Shelf Stable Individual Rations

     - Ready to Eat, Meals (MRE type) in Foil Pouches

     - Each meal kit ration will be packaged in rugged, waterproof, insect proof, and tamperproof outer clear plastic packaging

     - The meals will be packed in cases of twelve (12) meal kits, with at least 6 different menus per case

     - Product is highly modular, however, final assembled items may   vary depending upon availability

     - Shelf life is 3 - 5 years from date of assembly, dependant upon storage temperature

     - Forty Eight (48) cases per pallet

Rescue organizations, such as the Red Cross urge citizens to have 72 hours of food and water available, until help can arrive.

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